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Medical Assistant Articles

Medical Assisting to Be Growth Field Over Next 10 Years

Medical assistants will be in high demand over the next 10 years, according to a new study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In a report published in mid-December, 2013, the BLS predicts that a third of all new jobs created between 2012 and 2022 will be health care related. Medical assistants will be among of the specialties to benefit most from this growth.[


7 Personal Qualities That Can Make You a Successful Medical Assistant

Here are seven personal qualities that can make you a successful medical assistant. If you already have most or even all these qualities, you're a prime candidate for medical assistant training.


Why You Should Vaccinate Your Children ... and Yourself

The fear that vaccines will make people sick, make them autistic, or that they are a government plot to control the population, have convinced many parents to refuse vaccinations for their children -- and for themselves. As a result, diseases we thought were conquered a long time ago like diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), mumps and measles have made a comeback.


Talking the Talk: Medical Assistant Terms and Slang

Following is a list of 20 terms commonly used in doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities -- and what they mean.


High Blood Pressure Symptoms: How to Know If You Have Hypertension

Many people don’t even consider the possibility they may have a disease until they start showing symptoms. Do you know the signs of high blood pressure?


How to Interview for Your First Medical Assistant Job

Interviews can be unnerving experiences. Or they can be exciting and full and promise. A lot depends on how you prepare for the meeting and the attitude you bring to it. Here are some ways you can make your medical assistant job interview successful:


Do You Have the Personality to Be a Medical Assistant? Take This Quiz.

Do you have the kind of personality it takes to be a successful medical assistant? To find out, take this quick 10-part quiz.


How to Take a Medical History

As a medical assistant, you will likely be asked to take medical histories. So how do you take a medical history? Here are the basic steps.


Medical Assistants: Taking the 6 Vital Signs

Whether you're dealing with a new patient or a familiar one, you'll be responsible for performing basic tests that establish that patient's current health. Getting accurate numbers is a critical first step in providing quality patient care, something you will learn through the proper training.


How a Medical Assistant Can Protect a Patient's Privacy

Here are some ways medical assistants can protect their patients' privacy both inside and outside the office.


10 Strange Ways to Stay Healthy - Infographic

We all know the secrets to staying healthy, but here are a few other ways avoid disease, stay strong and live longer. Check out these health tips:


Medical Assistants: Top Traits Needed In A Medical Assisting Career

Most of us have had the benefit of a medical assistant's work when visiting a clinic, or doctor's office. But have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to pursue medical assistant training as a career? There are key traits every medical assistant should have such as strong communication skills, empathy, dependability, stress tolerance, self-control, courtesy, integrity, attention to detail, and agility.


The Value of a Medical Assistant Certification

A medical assistant certification can be a valuable asset in gaining the respect of peers and patients within the health care community. It can also lead to increased income, greater responsibilities and job growth.


Medical Assistant Jobs: Tips To Find Them In Your Area

As long as there are people, there will be a need for medical services and care. No matter whether you live in the city or in a rural area, employers and recruiters are in constant need for qualified people who know their way around the front or back end of a medical office. These people are those employed as medical assistants.


Medical Assistant Training Career Path Options

A medical assistant has the option, with the right training, experience and qualifications, to make a major transition and cross train into a number of rewarding and challenging health care careers. Utilize your training and go from being a medical assistant to: Nursing - LPN or RN For highly skilled and dedicated medical assistant technicians who are ready to explore other health service occupations, becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN) can be an enticing option. Medical Records Technician Medical records technicians are heavily involved in making sure data is properly...


Is Your Medical Assistant Resume Recession Proof?

Today's medical assisting job market is highly competitive and extremely challenging. With more and more candidates applying for jobs, getting an employer's attention becomes increasingly challenging.


What it Takes to be a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants remain in strong demand in most parts of the United States with employment growth expected to be much faster than average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-11 Edition. Becoming a professional Medical Assistant is a possible career choice for people who would like to enter the burgeoning health care field without the rigors or expense of actual medical training.


Why Career Opportunities For Medical Assistants Are on the Move

Career opportunities for medical assisting professionals continue to grow because people will always be in need of health care services. A well-trained health care provider is able to work in a doctor's office, clinic, or virtually anywhere where medical services are administered.


Does a Medical Assistant Career Sound Appealing?

Preparing for a career as a medical assistant will require access to the right kind of training and education. The level of efficiency required to perform successfully is set high, as medical assistants must routinely perform clerical and clinical duties in the offices of physicians, chiropractors and other medical professionals.


What Are the Real Medical Assistant Career Trends?

For those thinking about medical assisting as a career move, it’s best to watch the trends and examine closely the informational sources that could affect your future. The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, is a definitive source of information with valuable insights about medical assistant earning potentials, related occupations and additional sources of information.


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