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Career Planning and Placement

Graduates of the Medical Assistant programs at Everest have an edge in their job hunting. The Career Services professionals at Everest assist graduates with career planning and job placement! Some of the ways the Career Services staff helps graduates includes:

  • Resume writing assistance
  • Job search tools
  • Setting up job interviews
  • Job interview coaching
  • Tips on how to Dress for success and look professional
  • Arranging externships

Although no one can guarantee job placement, students can improve their chances of finding an entry-level position with the help of an Everest Career Services representative. By being a contributing participant in your own career planning efforts, you can greatly increase your opportunities of finding the job of your dreams.

While planning your career is the first step, landing a job can largely depend on how well you conduct yourself in the actual job interview.

Successful career planning for the interview process includes:

  • Punctuality – In a health care setting, doctors, patients, lab technicians and other medical staff members are all busy. Being punctual is a sign of respect and responsibility both during the interview and when in the workforce.
  • Positive Attitude – If a graduate wants to become a medical assistant, having a positive outlook will go a long way towards selling themselves and their proficiency to do the job at hand.
  • First Impressions – First impressions are critical throughout the career planning and placement process. From the content and layout of a resume, to interviewing skills and how to dress for success, Everest's Career Services representatives are there to guide the graduate.
  • Knowing Strengths and Weaknesses – By knowing one's strengths and weaknesses, a medical assistant candidate can overcome any questions or objections that may come up during the job search and interviewing process.
  • Learn from Mistakes – Potential candidates should always go into the planning and job placement process willing to learn from their mistakes. By understanding that they may not always succeed, they will be better prepared to learn from their efforts and refine them with the help of your Career Services representative for the next time.

Why Career planning Matters

By planning your career now, you can affect the shape of how your future takes shape. The quality of your education, the social connections formed and how you family evolves are all tied into your approach to career planning

Always remember, an individual’s own hard work, professionalism, experience, work attitude, geographic location and local market data will affect their personal employment opportunities and compensation. Everest’s Career Services team works hard to help graduates land that first job out of school.

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