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Medical Law, Ethics and Psychology Class

Medical Law and Ethics, Psychology and Therapeutic Procedures

The Medical Law and Ethics, Psychology and Therapeutic Procedures course covers the history and science of the medical field in general and the medical assisting profession in particular.

In this course, Medical Assistant students study:

  • Concepts related to patient reception in the medical office and preparing for the day
  • Professional behavior in the workplace
  • Office management, including the responsibilities an office manager has to the office, the staff and the physician
  • Medical office safety, security and emergency procedures
  • How to maintain equipment and inventory
  • The functions of computers in the medical office
  • The role of ergonomics in the health of the staff and patients
  • How to provide mobility assistance and support to patients with special physical and emotional needs
  • The basic principles of psychology, psychological disorders, diseases, available treatments, and medical terminology related to mental and behavioral health
  • Medical law and ethics in relation to health care

Students in this Medical Assistant course spend time in a traditional classroom setting as well as in the school's clinical and computer labs.

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