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Patient Care And Communication Class

Integumentary, Sensory and Nervous Systems, Patient Care and Communication

This Medical Assistant course covers physical examinations and procedures related to the eyes and ears, the nervous system and the integumentary system.

In this course, Medical Assistant students study:

  • How to work with and review patient charts
  • How to perform front office skills related to records management, appointment scheduling and bookkeeping
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills for dealing with patients in person and on the phone
  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the special senses (eyes and ears), nervous and integumentary systems
  • Common diseases, disorders and medical terminology related to the sensory, nervous and integumentary systems

As part of their communication skills development, students also learn:

  • How to prepare an attractive business letter
  • How to increase computer keyboard speed and accuracy
  • The basics of medical transcription

Students in this program spend time in a traditional classroom setting as well as in the school's clinical and computer labs.

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