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Searching for a Quality Medical Assistant School?

If you're looking to enter a profession in the health care field, medical assisting can be a rewarding career choice. Most Medical Assistant programs at Everest can be completed in less than a year. And training to be a medical assistant at an Everest school can be a springboard for more advanced health care career training like nursing, becoming a surgical or radiologic technician and much more. You can even pursue a career path to teach others to become a medical assistant just like you.

The curriculum at various medical assistant schools, colleges, universities or institutes will determine the length of time required to start and graduate a program. There are a lot of areas to cover in a curriculum, and while most programs have similarities, coursework covered in classes will normally include human anatomy, pharmacology, laboratory techniques, terminology, record keeping and more.

Programmatic Accreditation

If your plans are to enroll, it's important to consider medical assistant programs that are accredited. Programmatic (or specialized) accreditation ensures that the training you will receive meets standards developed by industry professionals and is consistent with what you need to know to function successfully within that profession and industry. You should also consider programmatic accreditation if you think you would like to pursue certification or similar credentials.

Find a Medical Assistant School Near You

The Everest school system comprises over 100 school campuses, with facilities across the United States and Canada, and over 80 campuses offer medical assistant training. To find a local training program near you, contact one or more of the medical assistant schools listed below, which are sorted alphabetically by state, then region.

The quickest way to request information about any of the medical assistant schools listed is to also fill out the form on this page!


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