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Medical Assistant School in Austin

If you live in Travis County and seek a medical assistant school in the Austin area, Everest offers medical assistant training at its Austin campus.

Known as Greater Austin, Round Rock, Texas Hill Country, Texas Blackland Prairies, Silicon Hills and the live music capital of the world, this Central Texas city of Austin is also famous for its rich diversity of food, music, industry and education. It's a great place for a diverse population to work and play.

At Everest Institute in Austin, you'll attend medical assistant training in a supportive and friendly environment where qualified instructors can help you develop the kind of self-discipline and motivation that can lead to success in your community, job and life.

Medical Assistant Careers and Services

We can provide you with the tools and resources to help you stay focused on your educational goals. You gain the training and skills needed to excel in a career like medical assisting.

Our Careers Services department can help you:

  • Write an effective cover letter and resume - Your resume and cover letter can be designed to highlight your skills, talents and value to the employer.
  • Search employer websites and industry job boards - We'll teach you how to stay on top of industry trends and contact employers who value your medical assistant skills.
  • Rehearse interview techniques - Learn the questions employers are likely to ask. The key to success is preparation.

Medical Assistant Professional Organizations

After graduation, you can further your education and professional reach with support from organizations like the Texas Society of Medical Assistants.

An education can provide opportunities and can often mean the difference between realizing your career goals and waiting for success to happen.

If you're looking for a medical assistant school in Travis County that offers a quality program that health care employers value, Everest Institute in Austin can be the perfect place to start your journey toward success.

Everest Campuses

  • Everest Institute - Austin

    9100 US Hwy 290 East, Building 1, Suite 100
    Austin, TX 78724

    Phone: (512) 928-1933
    Fax: (512) 927-8587

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