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Medical Assistant Schools in Orange County

Orange County, or "the OC," is a dynamic region famous for shopping, sports, and business. Everest College offers training at two medical assistant schools located in Anaheim and Santa Ana. Both of our campuses offer a quality education for students who desire to pursue a career in health care.

Everest's Medical Assistant program is taught by experienced and committed instructors who can make the classroom come alive through energetic lectures and challenging projects. You can develop your skills in small-size classrooms where you can easily work with instructors if you experience difficulties. This way, you can grasp your subject material quicker and better.

Medical Assistant Career Services

The education you receive at Everest is important. Throughout your training, we'll assist you to:

  • Plan for a Career - We'll work with your program choice that fits your goals and lifestyle. And in less than a year, you could be pursuing a career.
  • Write a Cover Letter and Resume - A resume and cover letter are often the first impression an employer has of a job applicant. An effective resume and cover letter can help you market yourself.
  • Career Search - You'll develop the research skills needed to search employer websites and benefit from job-placement assistance. We'll help with job leads and share valuable networking tips.
  • Develop Effective Interviewing Techniques - Learn tips on how to dress, shake hands and communicate during an interview. A strong interview may be the turning point that convinces an employer you're the person for the job.

Medical Assistant Professional Organizations

While your Everest education is extremely important, it's only part of an educational process that you can pursue for an entire lifetime if you choose. Many medical assistants choose to join professional industry organizations like the California Society of Medical Assistants (CSMA). They can help you extend your professional reach or advise of local medical assistant associations in the Southland area.

Your success can start today by requesting more information about our program and class start dates and how our Career Services department can help you find success.

Everest Campuses

  • Everest College - Anaheim

    511 North Brookhurst, Ste. 300
    Anaheim, CA 92801

    Phone: (714) 953-6500
    Fax: (714) 953-4163

  • Everest College - Santa Ana

    500 West Santa Ana Blvd.
    Santa Ana, CA 92701

    Phone: (714) 656-1000
    Fax: (714) 834-0685

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